Brokenhearted Theology, Ramblings

Time to Move On, Time to Get Going

I’ve gotten a pretty decent spike in traffic since writing the post about you know who. It can be fun to have a blog post read by a lot of people. It’s mainly fun for about an hour. After that hour, you starting wishing people would want to read about the interesting things happening in your neighborhood, get creative about solving issues with local gangs, be inspired by a poem, or want to engage in a good and rich conversation.

People (myself included) like things that rile them up, so we read blog posts that rile us up and get us mad. And I guess that’s okay.

But it’s time to move on. Time to get going.

So here’s what lies ahead:

(1) One or two posts about the death penalty.

(2) A post about whether or not we are all God’s children and what that means for us.

(3) A few book reviews or links to book reviews.

(4) Maybe a few personal updates about what’s new and what’s happening in our crazy life.

So get excited about all that.


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