About Me


When I was younger, I studied political theory at the University of Wisconsin. While a student in Madison, I was employed by a state senator (answering phone calls and drafting correspondence and the occasional piece of legislation), a political science research project (watching more local news broadcasts than perhaps anyone else in the entire world), and a church (learning to love God while loving and leading people). I also learned to love hummus and the woman I married (not in that order).

Then I grew up a little bit and moved to study theology at Fuller Theological Seminary. While in Los Angeles, I forged lasting friendships, grew deeper in love with God and others, led within a network of neighbor church-planting churches, become a vegetarian and a peacenik, shared a house with my wife and four friends, and became a dad.

Now I serve alongside my family in San Francisco’s East Bay with a group of mostly-young, all-creative, Jesus-following sojourners called Open Door as the directional leader and Pastor of Mission and Formation. I ride bikes and trains, read and write as much and as broadly as I can, grow succulents, and watch Jurassic Park.


One thought on “About Me

  1. Hi Dave,

    I stumbled across your blog today due after doing a search on peacemaking. I’ve enjoyed reading through some of your blogs and seeing you’re reading books on many of the same topics that I am.

    I’m not sure if this is helpful, but I recently started a blog (enemylove.com) dedicated to helping Christians better understand and employ Jesus’ approach to cultivating and spreading God’s shalom, especially in those places it is painfully absent.

    Heaps of blessings,
    Jason Porterfield


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