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Talk Like a Pirate, Live Into Resurrection

Today is Hug a Pirate Day or something like that.

And I just happen (!) to be reading a book about pirates and piracy right now: Kester Brewin’s Mutiny! Why We Love Pirates, And How They Can Save Us.

Great book. Fun to read.

Here’s a section that got me thinking:

The skull and crossed bones does not just mean ‘we are bringing you death’; rather it announces ‘we are the dead.’ We, the abused, the flogged, the ones you treated as less than human, have escaped your power, have slipped away from the identity you foisted onto us. We, the ones who you took for dead, are returning as dead – and thus free of all fear, free of all human labels or classifications or ranks.

We might say that pirates did not raise the Jolly Roger as a symbol of violence, but rather as a declaration that no more violence could be done to them. They were dead, and yet lived still – and thus the Empire should tremble in fear, for the powerless slaves it had thought could only be tamed by death, had gone beyond death and were free and living without fear of God, the law, or any majesty of any nation. (kindle location 903-910’ish)

This is worth thinking about, especially if you’re a believer in the resurrection of the dead.

  • In light of unjust systems.
  • In light of murder and torture and war.
  • In light of broken and abusive governments.
  • In light of neighborhoods without any real neighbors or neighborliness.
  • In light of starving kids dying from malnutrition while Western dumpsters overflow with food.

Resurrection is not license to take a pass on the issues in the world.

Resurrection is not an excuse to ignore brokenness, injustice, or violence.

Resurrection is the declaration that “no more violence can be done to me.”

Resurrection is a call to piracy. To boldly and freely live into the promises of new creation and, “free of all fear” for our own safety and well-being, live for the sake of the other.

Happy Pirate Day!


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