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Scuba and Sabbath

This past Sunday I went scuba diving with my friends Matt and Casey out near Anacapa, one of the northern Channel Islands.

Scuba diving is an expensive hobby (too expensive to do it as regularly as I’d like) but it’s an incredible experience from start to finish.

I love getting up early (4AM) knowing there’s an adventure in store for the day. Driving the Los Angeles freeways with a moon overhead and empty roads ahead (empty by LA standards, at least).

I love being on the water. The rhythmic regularity rocking back and forth. The unexpected swell that makes you feel you’re on an amusement park ride.

I love being in the water. Taking a giant step off a boat and plunging into unbelievably bright blue water. Descending down to thirty, forty, sixty feet of water. Being present in a totally different world – urchins, starfish, sea slugs, sea lions, bright corals, eagle rays, crabs, lobsters. I believe there is a piece of God’s revelation found through experiencing creation and exploring new parts of the world is the best reminder I’ve found that “the earth is the Lord’s and everything in it.”

I love being away from technology. I had my phone with me, but you don’t get reception 11 miles off the California coast. It’s nice to be away from the constant allures of connectivity.

Over the past year I’ve made intentional efforts to cultivate a regular practice of sabbath. Every week I have a 24-hour chunk of time marked out on my calendar. To the best of my ability, I try to avoid scheduling during this time or allowing this time to be filled with tasks and work. It doesn’t always work but I’ve found that there is rest and sabbath to be had even in the midst of a busy urban environment.

But, for me, there’s nothing like getting away from it all and being literally submerged in creation to experience the beauty and joy of sabbath.


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