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Because Stories of Hope Are Worth Sharing

One of the outward rhythms in our community is to connect regularly with a “City Ministry.” We’ve had a number of opportunities falling into this category – local, independent non-profits we partner with as well as initiatives born within our community.

One ministry I’ve gotten involved with over the last year is Hope Again, an East Hollywood organization offering social services, counseling, and transitional housing opportunities for those who have been caught up in addiction, abuse, poverty and other unhealthy situations. It’s a beautiful organization with beautiful people both leading and living just a few blocks away from where we live and where our Kairos community gathers for worship.

Their recent newsletter included an article about Ron, one of the guys I’ve gotten to know at Hope Again. His experience with a failed attempt at suicide by train was featured on a public radio story and, in the comments following the story, he shares this:

My experience led me to many things, including¬†sobriety, reconciliation with family and friends (including my roommate, who was devastated by not only my suicide attempt, but also the eviction and other things), and, perhaps most importantly, God. After my time in hospital and subsequent rehab, God’s will placed me in a Christian transitional house [Hope Again], which I now manage. This has been a blessing, even with the loss of my left eye, damage to my face, etc., because there may have been no other way I could have discovered the life I have now.

I feel grateful to be a part of communities like Kairos and Hope Again – organizations and groups of people committed to finding healing, redemptive and restoration in broken places and people – and to be in relationship with others who have experienced this firsthand new life and new hope.

These are the stories worth sharing.


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