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the joy of travel

we live in a beautiful world…. (Coldplay, Don’t Panic) 

My sister has worked out in Big Bear, CA for the past year at an environmental education camp.  A couple of weeks ago, I flew into Las Vegas to meet her so we could drive back to Wisconsin together.  We spent 3 nights camping, a day hiking through Arches National Park, driving through Colorado and attempting to summit La Plata (ended up running low on water near the top and didn’t quite make it), white water rafting through Browns Canyon on the Arkansas River, and then visiting friends in Kansas City, Missouri.

The trip was amazing.  Breathtaking sites, amazing experiences, deep conversations, etc.  There is something about a road trip that is very unique.  Part of me wishes that it didn’t take hours in a car with only the flat Kansas skyline to incite beautiful conversation.  But another part of me cherishes those moments for what they are: incredibly unique and difficult to recreate.

small6.JPG  small1.JPG small3.JPG small4.JPG small2.JPG  small5.JPG

Tomorrow morning I am leaving for a four day trip to the Willow Flowage with my dad, brother, and nephew.  The plan is to canoe, kayak, camp, swim, fish, and eat.  Not necessarily in that order, not necessarily limited to those things.  One of the few foods I dislike is fish, so I’m hoping that we either don’t catch any fish, or have plenty of non-fish food around to eat.  But even if I have to eat fish, I’m stoked for the trip. 

I don’t spend enough time out in nature.



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