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the joy of travel, part two

So I returned yesterday from four days of camping/fishing in the beautiful Willow Reservoir near Tomahawk, Wisconsin with my dad, brother, and fourteen year old nephew.  If you’re ever in the midwest looking for a beautiful place to retreat into nature away from civilization, consider the Willow Flowage!  It’s not as remote as the Boundary Waters/Quetico, but it’s free!   

And absolutely, absolutely, absolutely, gorgeous. 

DSC04251.JPG DSC04058.JPG DSC04244.JPG 

DSC04263.JPG DSC04288.JPG DSC04053.JPG

I love spending time with my family.  I don’t do it often enough.

I LOVE spending time in nature.  I’m not always the typical “outdoorsy” type, but I have found that when I spend time outside, away from computers and cell phones and even showers, I fall in love with being outdoors.

Seeing the beauty of creation puts me in this place of extreme humility.  I feel so small and humbled when I see a sunset, or feel the wind on my face, or the water on my feet.  This extreme sense of awe and worship overwhelms me.





One thought on “the joy of travel, part two

  1. Joel says:

    Glad you enjoyed your trip there. I grew up on the Willow flowage, my parents owned Cedar Falls resort for about 20 years, on the north end, by the Tomahawk river. The flowage was my back yard for 15 years. Heading back up to visit my parents (they still live there, though the closed down the resort) in mid August, and will camp out on the Willow for 3 nights when I am up there.


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