The World Doesn’t Need Good Pray-ers

A few weeks ago as we closed out our journey on prayer at Open Door East Bay, I said that the goal of life with God is not to be a good pray-er.

The disciples didn’t ask Jesus how to pray because they wanted to pray well; they asked him how to pray because his life shifted expectations and at every turn tilted orbits toward a better world, and they wanted to live that kind of life.

The world doesn’t, ultimately, need good prayers or good pray-ers.

The world needs people who walk in the Way of Jesus – which is to say people who step courageously toward justice, are willing to sacrifice for the sake of others, and tilt orbits toward a better world.

Prayer can be a means to that end, but it is not the end.

So pray, yes, pray – not as the satisfaction of responsibility (“I’ve prayed, that’s all I need to do.”) but as an onramp to action (“what must I do? give me the courage to do that. (and then, what’s next?)”).


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