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Jesus Feminist: Beautiful, Hopeful, Gospel (book review)

I recently finished Jesus Feminist: An Invitation to Revisit the Bible’s View of Women by Sarah Bessey.

It’s a really good book. Here’s what I liked about it:

(1) It’s beautifully written. Sarah Bessey navigates culture, theology, and scripture in a way that breathes life.

What would it look like for us to prophetically live [the reality of God’s shalom] in our churches, the bring the Kingdom into our homes, our marriages, our everyday walking-around lives? Where is God moving, how is God already at work, and how can I join in? What is God’s heart for humanity? And am I participating in making that vision a reality? What mountain stone am I moving in a radical act of grace?

It’s a scary thing, a life-changing, paradigm-shifting thing, to honestly ask yourself this question: Am I moving with God to rescue, restore, and redeem humanity? (172-173)

(2) It’s hopeful. There is a lot of hurt and ill-will from the ongoing tension of gender and Christianity, but Jesus Feminist pushes through this and paints a positive vision and way forward.

I won’t desecrate beauty with cynicism anymore. I won’t confusing critical thinking with a critical spirit, and I will practice, painfully, over and over, patience and peace until my gentle answers turn away even my own wrath. I will breathe fresh air while I learn, all over again, grace freely given and wisdom honored. (6)

(3) It’s not about “women in ministry,” it’s about the gospel. I’ve read a lot of books that touch or focus on women in ministry; Jesus Feminist is about a Christian faith and gospel that doesn’t see “women in ministry” as a topic or issue to be addressed or solved, but instead invites all people to taste and see Jesus and the good news of God’s kingdom.

Biblical equality is not the endgame; it is one of the means to God’s big ending: all things redeemed, all things restored. Jesus feminism is only one thread in God’s beautiful woven story of redemption. (178)

Worth the read; check it out!


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