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A Eucharistic Imagination for Los Angeles: A Bibliography

I’m rounding the bend into my second year of doctoral studies in the Doctor of Ministry program at Fuller. The DMin program is a practice-oriented doctoral program (whereas a PhD is most often a research-oriented doctoral program). Not to say the DMin doesn’t involve research and the PhD doesn’t involve practice, but they are different programs of and approaches to study.


My first seminar was focused on ecclesiology with an outward focus: extending the core practices of the church into the cultural situation the church finds itself in. My post-seminar project centered on the Eucharist (Communion or the Lord’s Supper) as a paradigm for ministry in my context of northern Los Angeles/Hollywood.

I’m going to post over the next few weeks a few snippets from my project…but thought it’d be fun to start from the end (“It opens at the close”) and pull the curtain back on the project bibliography.

Let me know if you have any thoughts. While the project is finished and feedback has been received, this is a practical work in progress and hope to continue thinking, reading, writing, and practicing in this area of study.

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