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You Have Something To Say So Say It and Say It Now!

A while back I posted this on Facebook:

The biggest challenge of writing or going public with your craft is the nagging fear that you’re not yet ready. You need to read more, think more, practice more, question more, or edit more.

But the world needs your voice, so pull the trigger!

I was thinking about them again today – all the things and people and events and stressors that keep my voice contained within the safety of my own mind, protected from the criticism and scrutiny that necessarily targets any ideas and innovations and dreams and desires made public. Wardened off from the shaping and forging potential offered by an outside eypencilse.

I was thinking about how often they win, battering down the creativity and imagination that bubbles up in those beautiful and energizing moments of inspiration.

Which explains my shelves full of empty and half-filled journals.

My email drafts folder full of crazy ideas that will never reach the eyes of potential collaborators.

My collection of pallets and cinder blocks and strange curbside finds that never receive their intended re-creation and restoration.

My drawer full of business cards and contacts that will never receive any follow through.

My dreams that have received a life sentence of remaining “just a dream” rather than becoming a reality birthed into life.

You have something to say.

So say it.

And say it now.

What are we waiting for?


2 thoughts on “You Have Something To Say So Say It and Say It Now!

  1. Right there with ya, brother. You have wisdom and wit; the world – your world comprised of your family, church, and neighborhood – need to hear you. May Jesus’ discernment continue to guide you in this.


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