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The Six Lessons I’ve Learned in Life

As part of my doctoral work at Fuller, I’m part of a mentoring cohort designed to help integrate all of my ‘input’ (both informational and experiential) into my ‘output’ (ministry, life direction, etc.). It’s a pretty cool process of learning alongside a group of others from around the world led by Terry Walling – a wonderfully insightful and wise guide.

Part of our early work in the cohort involved putting together a life map timeline designed to give perspective and insight on our life from “10,000 feet above ground.” It was a really helpful process helping me look back on the significant events, people, and places I’ve encountered and see how these factors have shaped not only my past and present but also the unfolding future.

Here’s what my timeline ended up looking like.

leader timeline small

The pic is blurry to protect both the innocent and the guilty :).

The different color post-its represent different facets of life.

  • Yellow is the initial brainstorm of ideas/people/places/events that have shaped me.
  • The orange post-its represent those pieces of my ife that have been painful and hurtful.
  • Blue represents a new chapter in the story.
  • An X marks a turning point or life-changing event.
  • Green represents the lessons I’ve gleaned from all my life thus far.

While I won’t share (here) all the details and specifics that led me to them, here are the six lessons I’ve learned from life thus far.

  1. The world is so much bigger than you think.

  2. What you’ve been given is not all God has for you.

  3. There is a love deeper than you know.

  4. There is a place for you to learn, think, and grow.

  5. There is a place for you to serve, lead, and live.

  6. This is just the beginning.


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