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You Too Can Take Your Baby Camping

Some of our best adventures as a family over the last 6 years have been camping and backpacking and we decided that we wanted to continue these adventures as soon as possible with The Boy. After hitting the two-month mark, he was consistently sleeping through the night (with one or two short wake-ups every few nights) and we felt like it was time to give camping a try!

One of our go-to car camping spots is Oak Flat in the Angeles National Forest – just 30 miles north of Los Angeles in the Tehachapi mountains. It’s an easy drive from Hollywood. We’ve always been able to drive up and find a site (no reservations). There are no extra fees for camping (which is nice since we knew there was a chance we’d be packing up and heading home in the middle of the night if it turned out to be a total disaster). And it’s a pretty spot – nestled into the hills in a large grove of beautiful California Live Oaks.

Since it was going to be dark and cold starting at 5PM, we waited until 8PM to leave the house. As we pulled into the campground, found our site, and started to set up the tent, it started to drizzle. Thankfully, we were able to setup and get settled in the tent before it started to pour down rain.

Rainy, 40 degree weather is never ideal for camping, especially not with a 10 week old baby!

But we made it through the night and The Boy stayed warm and cozy. We had his basket set up between our sleeping bags and bundled him up in his warmest PJs and his thick fleece “polar bear” suit with a down jacket covering the lower half of his basket. He woke up once or twice (once because he was hungry, and once because he was too warm!) but otherwise slept great throughout the night (better than we did!).

Thankfully by morning the rain had let up and the sun was out. We walked a bit around the campground, ate a quick breakfast, and headed back to Los Angeles.

The Boy’s first camping trip was a success!

Next on the list, a backpacking trip!

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