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A Baby on the Way (Part 3): Dreams for the Future

A month ago Krissy and I spent a weekend in Seattle connecting with folks at the Inhabit Conference hosted by the Seattle School and the Parish Collective. We loved connecting with like-minded people from around the world on similar journeys,  and the weekend stirred our imaginations about our vision and dreams for the future. After many of the conversations we had, both of us had a sense this was an important weekend for us: one we’d look back on as a time where we felt vision, clarity, unity, and excitement about what our next steps might look like.

This past weekend, we planned a “staycation.” Our four housemates were out of town so we had the place to ourselves. (We love our house-family, so we’re glad this is a rare occurrence, but every once in a while it can be nice.) We made space for conversation, prayer, dreaming, and planning. We talked about our values as a family, and how those values will shape our decisions, trajectory, parenting style, family traditions, etc. We covered a lot of ground in a few days and continue to be excited for our life in LA as we move into a season of parenting.

I also made space for taking some pictures of the wife in all her pregnant beauty!

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