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Bike To Work Day

We call it our favorite holiday of the year.

Bike to Work Day.

  • Free bike rides on all metro buses and trains.
  • Free breakfast in Pasadena.
  • Free “swag” at various pit stops around town (we found four different stops this morning and picked up items including water bottles, bags, wrench sets, bike patch kits, cliff bars, energy drinks, and coupons for free smoothies at Whole Foods).
  • Chat with other cyclists.
  • Show up to work late wearing a “Bike to Work Day” t-shirt.

It’s an annual tradition with my bike-riding friends and we have a blast.

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2 thoughts on “Bike To Work Day

  1. AND I got my bike FIXED! A tune-up, plus my broken breaks complete repaired for FREE! what a great day! Pasadena LOVES bikes (but maybe not the cars that drive here….)


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