Ramblings, the Ridiculous, Two Many Things

What I Do When I’m Not Writing Here

I haven’t written much lately. Here’s some things I do when I’m not writing here.

  • Plan services for Ash Wednesday.
  • Cultivate and curate the East Hollywood Succulent Garden Project (this is actually not a thing, I just like trying to grow succulents in the backyard and house).
  • Dream about new ways to see relationships develop into community which develops into formative environments for growth and discipleship and mission.
  • Visit Missouri.
  • Read books for fun (like Jonathan Safran Foer, and I have a long list of “must reads” from my friend Cory).
  • Read books for “work” (I put work in quotations because these are fun, too), particularly books that might be formative/helpful to launch conversations and new ways of thinking in our community.
  • Conspire with housemates about new ways to connect and engage our neighbors and our neighborhood.
  • Make plans for adventures – here and potentially here.
  • Eat at great restaurants, and cook/eat amazing things at home.
  • Spend time as a learner, follower, and disciple.
  • Sell stuff on craiglist.
  • Watch our cat do funny things.

Just thought you might want to know.


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