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Seminary Education is Not Enough, Part Two

A few weeks ago I posted some initial thoughts about theological education, seminaries, and churches. The thoughts had been brewing for a while, based on my own experience as a seminary prospect, student, and graduate (and informed by my work as a pastor and working for a seminary).

There was some great feedback and interaction (from AJ Swoboda here and JR Rozko in the comments here). I love the conversations that are happening around this topic – I think there’s good hope for the future!

I posted some follow up thoughts today, focused more on how churches can contribute and participate in a healthier process of theological education.

Here’s a snippet, and you can take a look at the full post over at The Burner Blog.

A good faucet naturally pours a lot of water, much of which is wasted. A faucet with an aerator channels the water into a more useable and accessible product. It saves energy, frustration, and excess waste. A non-aerated seminary student will preach academic papers, but a seminary student with an aerating congregation will proclaim a theologically-rich and contextually-understandable message of good news.

 Without a thorough process of discernment and a context for translation and cultivation, theological education too often becomes a seed landing on rocky soil – well intentioned, but not very helpful for the church.

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