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Book 7: Blood Meridian (McCarthy)


Dark. Bleak. Violent. True of all the McCarthy novels I’ve read, but particularly so of Blood Meridian.

McCarthy writes with few, if any, rules. His characters are complex, his dialogue nearly indistinguishable from his prose. You read hoping that the world described is actually fiction and not as broken and profane as the story conveys. But you’re not in luck because even though the ending is confusing and open to interpretation, “war is [Blood Meridian‘s] god” and the possibilities are not hopeful or redemptive.

I love reading McCarthy, because his writing is strangely poetic and beautiful, but I’m glad that, when all’s finished, I can put the book down and find myself back in a world filled with meaning and hope!

This is Book 7 of hopefully many that will be read and posted about during Christmas Break 2011!


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