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Mark Scandrette on Leadership in a Post-Christian Context

I’ve been thinking – and maybe struggling a bit – about pastoral vocation and authority in community lately. It seems more difficult and more confusing to me than it has been in the past. I ran across this short article by Mark Scandrette that’s worth reading (it really is short, won’t take too much of your time). It was a timely read and hit home for me.

Here’s a snippet where he talks about the difference in being a “pastor” in Minnesota and San Francisco:

In Minnesota, when people at the gym or grocery store found out I was a pastor, they were kind and deferential. They might ask a theological question, tell me about a personal problem, or sheepishly apologize for cussing in front of me.

In San Francisco, when I told people I was a pastor, the reaction was starkly different. The vocation seemed to provoke outbursts of profanity followed by diatribes about inquisitions, crusades, slavery, and religiously-motivated hate crimes. For many people I met, religion had been a source of hurt rather than healing. They were suspicious of my motives and what my office represented.


One thought on “Mark Scandrette on Leadership in a Post-Christian Context

  1. TG says:

    Thanks for the post David. What struck me was Not the reactions of various peoples in various locations. Go to NYC, Sydney, Paris, London, Calcutta wherever- and based on the cultures and the various experiences of the local community – their reaction to, acceptance of, respect towards will have been conditionally created. The enemy of truth does not care about how it distracts and discourages – just that it does. Yet- whether in Minnesota or San Francisco — or any other locale….there is a single remedy/response. Be a true disciple and thereby be attracting and making more…..respect, acceptance, transformation is a resulting thing of lives lived in earnest pursuit of Him.


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