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Book 3: Incarceron (Fisher)


This one was just for fun. A sci-fi young adult novel from a few years back with a tagline “This prison is alive.” Oh yeah, and is it ever alive! I will probably spoil the story a bit below, so don’t read on if you don’t want to read the book.

Incarceron is the story of Finn “looks like Giles” Starseer and Claudia “supposed to marry Giles” Arlexa, separated by the fact that one of them is incarcerated in Incarceron, a tiny prison created centuries ago to contain all of the poor, destitute, and criminals. It was supposed to be a prison paradise, but over the years things have gone terribly wrong and now it’s more like…a real prison. Finn and Claudia are connected by matching communication keys and work together to free Finn from Incarceron so they can begin to set things right in the outside world.

Fun book. I may have read too fast, but some of the story was a bit muddled for my taste. But I may pick up the sequel next time I’m in the mood!

This is Book 3 of hopefully many that will be read and posted about during Christmas Break 2011!


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