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Book 2: Take This Bread (Miles)


A friend gave me this book a year or two ago and it’s sat on our bookshelf ever since. After hearing that another friend had just read it, I decided to pick it up and read. I really, really, really enjoyed it.

Take This Bread is a memoir of sorts – an account of Miles’ (described on the dustcover as a “lesbian left-wing journalist) somewhat mystical encounter with Jesus while partaking in communion which leads her on a path of conversion. Her conversion process centers around food – cooking in restaurants, partaking in the eucharist, starting a food pantry at her church, and eventually experiences the “multiplication of loaves and fishes” as she is handed resources to begin a series of food pantries in San Francisco.

Over the last few years, I’ve appreciated reading from a wider Christian experience than my own evangelical upbringing. For better or worse, some of the stickiest issues for evangelicals simply don’t seem to be as sticky in many broader Christian contexts. And the writing seems to be better (Miles’ style reminded me of Anne Lamott, Nora Gallagher, Barbara Brown Taylor, etc.). This is the case in Take This Bread, as Miles writes unabashedly as herself  and, in utter honesty, explores faith, conversion, Jesus, conflict, and food. Great story, great book.

This is Book 2 of hopefully many that will be read and posted about during Christmas Break 2011!


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