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Reclaiming Sidewalks (for the Sake of the City)

One of my favorite lines from the Hallmark made-for-TV version of Sarah, Plain and Tall is when the neighbors give Sarah chickens to raise and feed the family. The girl in the story notices Sarah’s fondness for the chickens (without regard for their edible properties) and tells her brother, “those chickens won’t be for eating.”

Last night our house went to eat in Thai Town (just a few blocks from our place in East Hollywood). We ALMOST went to the newest restaurant in the main plaza in Thai Town called “Crispy Pork” with a proud sign announcing “Since 2011,” but opted for our standard RCA instead (where I had my go-to massaman curry, 4/5 spicy). Good food, good times.

Afterwards, we were walking down the street and had an impromptu jumping contest to hit a piece of duct tape hanging from a small shop that was closed for the day.

People walked by us. Some laughed. Some stared. Some pretended not to notice.

But it was fun. We jumped. We laughed. And we took some pictures.

A big piece of our hope at Kairos is to be a community that lives “for the sake of the city.”

Part of living into this vision of a renewed and restored city requires reclaiming the streets and sidewalks as a place where we can jump, laugh, take pictures, and have fun while inviting others into that process.

Watch out East Hollywood – pretty soon, those sidewalks won’t be for walking!


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