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The Learning Circle (and the Non-Learning Circle)

Last night in our community group, we spent a bit of time talking about the learning circle. The circle is a discipleship/processing tool that Kairos learned from our friends at 3DM and other churches we partner with in the Ecclesia network. The circle is formulated around Jesus’ call to “repent and believe.”

Repenting involves listening and observing, recognizing areas in our life that miss the mark, asking “what is God saying to me?”

Believing involves taking steps of faith, confident that God desires to see us grow and change in response to the call of the spirit on our lives, asking “How am I going to respond?” and then actually responding.

In my own life, the circle has been a helpful way of framing growth and discipleship. I’ve seen progress in areas that have been stagnant for a while, and there’s a clear path towards listening and responding.

Here’s a visual to give a sense of what the “learning circle” process looks like:









What I’ve noticed personally (and communally) is that the first half of the circle comes natural to most of us. We like to talk about things. We’re good at reflecting and discussing (usually at a fairly shallow level, but we are at least doing it). But we typically stop there. There is no plan for growth, there are few steps of faith taken.

Here’s what the circle “non-learning circle” process looks like for most of us:









We pretty much stop with the first half and never get to the second half. It’s easier to wallow in a problem than it is to trust God and forge a way towards growth, discipleship, and maturity.

I’m sick of getting stuck at the bottom of the circle and only rarely (by chance, probably) experiencing breakthrough and growth. I’m ready to start coming “full circle” more regularly.

What do you think?


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