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Mark’s Gospel, Art, and the Outcasts

At Kairos we’re working through the book of Mark, taking lessons from Jesus and the disciples about what it means to engage the city that we live in. Mark’s telling of the gospel is fast and furious. Ancient artists and writers depicted Mark’s Jesus as a lion, bounding across the Judean landscape with power and authority. There is much challenging and convicting in this gospel for those dwelling in the fast-pace of 21st century urban living.

The other week, my friend Audrey spoke to our community about Jesus’ radical inclusion of the outcasts – that he came to be with the outcasts, the sick, the “sinful.” That those who were “on the outs” were the ones who were in need of good news. But also that “we” – the ones who are slow to identify with the outcasts, the sick, the sinful – are the true outcasts. All of us, outcasts, who are welcomed in with Jesus’ good news.

At our mid-week mid-sized group, we decided to explore this idea of in/out, social outcasts, etc. through art. It was a hot night, so we lit candles and painted, sketched, journaled, etc. outside in the backyard. We were each given a piece of paper with a modern “outcast story” – first-person snippets from the stories of immigrants, prostitutes, those struggling with mental illness, homeless, the lonely – and responded through art. It’s fun to be in community with artistically-minded creative types (a group I am definitely “outcast” from!).

Here are some pictures of the night and what we came up with.


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