Ramblings, the Ridiculous

If You Actually Can’t Catch Your Breath…

…I would advise contacting your doctor or, if it is a medical emergency, stop searching Google and dial 9-1-1.

Or, if you just walked up several flights of stairs, drink some water and sit down for a few minutes while you read my archived blog posts.

A few days ago, someone stumbled across this blog because they searched Google for “i cant catch my breath what do i do.” Reviewing some of my blog stats, this is apparently a fairly common reason that people find and read this blog. Someone else searched for “i can’t catch my breath, what can it be?,” “help i cant catch my breah” [or, incidentally, spell], and “quivering lips and cant catch breath.” In light of this, I thought that I should provide a resources for anyone who performs this search in the future.

Note: I am not a health care professional nor a licensed physician. Please take my advice on an empty stomach with a tiny grain of salt.


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