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A Multi-Purpose Gym

Different people use the gym for different reasons.

For example, I use the gym to swim.  I want to get in better shape and have more energy and I have identified the gym as an ideal place to make this happen for a number of reasons, but primarily because of it’s location and the fact that it has a pool I can swim in.

Some people don’t use the gym to swim in, but do use the other exercise equipment available.  There are different kinds of bikes, weights, and exercise balls that are available for use and many people want to get in shape and have more energy and they make use of this equipment for these purposes.

I understand my reason for going to the gym, and I understand the other equipment-users reason for going to the gym.

Some people’s reasons, though, I don’t understand quite as well given that most people pay $30-$40 a month to use the gym (or were thrifty and bought a cheaper two-year membership from Costco).

The ladies who use the gym primarily to float in the pool, for example. I kind of get that, but not entirely.

Or the guy who uses the gym primarily because it offers different water temperatures, moving from the sauna to the hot tub to the pool to the pool deck shower. (In his defense, he does do a little running in place with his hands outstretched while standing under the pool deck shower, though as a former lifeguard, I must say it is not safe to run on the pool deck, even if running in place.)

Or the spectrum of guys (and women) who use the gym to meet other people. That makes sense, I suppose, at some level. The gym is not a bad place to be social and friendly. On the creepy end of this spectrum are the people who use the gym to look at people. If you fall into this camp, you should at least pretend to exercise or someone will call the cops on you soon.

Today I saw a new use of the gym – the guy who sat in the corner of the pool area and meditated in lotus position on a bench. Now, I don’t have a problem with people meditating and believe that yoga is a legitimate (and challenging) form of exercise, but I just did not quite get the draw to the pool deck where two people are swimming laps and one of the employees is scrubbing down the pool deck. It is not exactly a peaceful or quiet atmosphere to meditate for almost thirty minutes.

There are benefits to being a member at a multi-purpose gym, even if I do not understand what people are thinking.  If the floaters, the running man, the creepers, and the yogi were not paying their share of the operating costs, my membership fees would go up.

And, better to have them float, run, creep, and meditate than crowd the lap lanes while I am trying to swim.


One thought on “A Multi-Purpose Gym

  1. maria says:

    My favorites are the 2 chicks who go on the treadmill with very low cut blouse and jeans. Yeah.
    And the other is the chick who had on stillettos, skinny jeans and the very tight tank top on the stair climber, although she wasn’t there for long since the trainers told her to come back with appropriate footwear.
    Where are the disco lights?


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