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Why I Love Numbers 11

One time at a fancy coffee shop with really expensive but tasty drinks, the barista asked me what I “geeked out on.” Having never really heard that term, I stammered a bit. Now I get it, though. He “geeked out” on coffee. I “geek out” on the Book of Numbers.

Kairos is spending nine weeks in the Book of Numbers, and we are encouraging our community to read through the book in those nine weeks (about four chapters a week).  Following along with the schedule, last night I read Numbers 11. And I love it. There’s a lot in this chapter to love, but here are some of my favorites:

  1. When the people complain, God starts a fire that burns “the outskirts of the camp,” drawing the people closer to the center of the camp.
  2. God has been providing them food that literally fell out of the sky like dew, but they want food that tastes better. Like melons and garlic. And cucumbers. Despite having already provided all that was needed, God grants the request for better tasting food (and then some). The passage says the people were probably knee- to waist-deep in quail. That is a pretty good visual.
  3. The passage speaks of the pressure and loneliness that is often present in leadership.  Moses cracks a bit in this passage, demonstrating his human proclivity toward doubt and questioning.  God responds to his doubts and questions by providing support in a community of seventy leaders. And the spirit falls on them with some prophetic charisms that the conservative evangelicals some people are not comfortable with.

This is a good story.  This is our story.



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