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The Mail Carrier and I (Part 1 of ?)

No joke, one of my favorite parts of the day is coming home and getting the mail. Before I worked off site (aka before I had a real job), I would sometimes always try to work out my schedule to be home when the mail was dropped off (generally between 10:12AM and 10:29 AM, depending on how close a parking spot the USPS Van was able to nab on our street). I am a bit shy about my postal enthusiasm, so I would always keep an eye out for the familiar light-blue shirt of the mail carrier walking up to our porch. When the coast was clear (at least two houses away), I would sneak out to avoid being seen as the creepy overly-eager-about-mail person (even though that’s what I was am) and grab the mail. Now that I work off-site, I do not have the luxury of collecting the mail immediately upon it’s arrival.  While this has been an adjustment, I think I have been handling it fairly well.

This Saturday, Krissy and I were sitting on our front porch and I again had the chance for instant postal-gratification (though, as usual, there was nothing for me). As we went about our morning, I watched the mail carrier methodically deliver on our street for several hours – up and down the street, house to house, apartment complex to apartment complex, back and forth from the van every few addresses to refill the messenger bag of mail. Surely it should be seen as some kind of monumental achievement that, for less than fifty cents, I can enlist someone to pick up something from my doorstep and take it thousands of miles away and deliver it to someone else’s doorstep within a few days.

Watching the movements of the mail carrier made me think that, over the next few weeks, I may or may not post a few interesting thoughts and reflections related to the postal service and how it relates to us, technology, culture, organizational change, etc.

To tide you over, a few questions:

  • When was the last time you mailed a personal letter to someone or received a personal letter (not including Christmas cards)?
  • (How) Would your life change if mail was not delivered directly to your door?
  • On a scale of 1-10, how impatient do you get when something is not delivered to you as fast as you think it should be (or as fast as you think you deserve it to be)?

2 thoughts on “The Mail Carrier and I (Part 1 of ?)

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  2. 1. I literally and truly cannot recall.

    2. Mmmmm the bills wouldn’t get paid 🙂 Just kidding… I do EVERYTHING electronically now… even bills so I’m not thinking that life would change all that much… WAIT! We wouldn’t get our Netflix DVDs! AHHHHHH!

    3. if 10 is most impatient… I have to admit I’m about a 10… I need someone to sing the “Be Patient” song to me


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