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John Goldingay on the Old Testament and Preaching

My job has a lot of perks.  One of them is being able to interact with amazing scholars who care a great deal about the life of the church.

Last week, I had the chance to sit down and have a chat with John Goldingay, a top-notch Old Testament scholar who is also a prolific writer, a beloved teacher (who shares much of his course materials online), deeply involved in the church, and an avid fan of music (everything from Clapton to Coldplay to Oasis).  In addition to a number of previous works, John is writing volumes (as of last week, working through Ezra) for the Old Testament for Everyone, the companion series to N.T. Wright’s New Testament for Everyone.

Here are some of the questions we talked about:

  • Have you noticed any changes or shifts in the church’s relationship to the Old Testament?
  • What is the danger for the church in NOT reading the Old Testament?
  • How can the church find new life through reading the Old Testament?
  • How should pastors go about preaching the Old Testament?
  • How does Jesus fit in to the Old Testament?

Lucky for you, this conversation was recorded and you can take a listen over at The Burner Blog.


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