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Locker rooms, pool heaters, and raising the temperature

This post has nothing to do with locker rooms. I put that in the title because more people read posts about locker rooms than they do about Karl Barth. Sorry if you feel deceived!

This post is about pool heaters and specifically the lack of a pool heater at the gym I just joined. I initially did not think this would be a big deal, as it is nice to swim laps in cool water. But this water is really cold. Like, it feels cold when you first get in, and it still feels cold after thirty minutes of swimming. The benefit is that it makes swimming more convenient, as the pool has been empty every time I’ve gone in this week to swim (granted, that has only been once, but it was empty). They say that the heater will be fixed at the end of the month so the temperature will be raised to a more comfortable level.

Wait for it, wait for it…here comes the transition into a life lesson.

Our leadership team at Kairos uses the phrase “taking the temperature” and “raising the temperature” fairly often when assessing different areas of life or ministry. Taking the temperature involves assessing where things are currently at and how things are going. How are we doing in this area? How are people doing in this area?

Sometimes the temperature is great, but sometimes it is a bit chilly and we need to turn on the heat. Raising the temperature involves pouring more energy and time into something or envisioning people to cultivate growth and change in a particular area.

Changes make people uncomfortable.  But uncomfortable people are the ones who learn, grow, and mature.

So, a silly illustration with a bit of a challenge as a new year gets its start.  Some questions I am going to be asking myself in the coming days and weeks:

  • What areas of life need a temperature check?
  • Where have I grown too comfortable?
  • What areas need a little heat?
  • Do I need to lower the temperature in any areas?
  • What areas do I need to grow, stretch, and learn in?

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