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Goggles and Detergent: a highlight and a lowlight

A highlight and a lowlight from this weekend.

The Highlight.

As I mentioned last week, I am looking into joining a gym and, on Friday, went to swim.  I used to swim competitively.  When I say competitively, I mean that in middle school I was on a club swim team for a year and a half.  I was a decent swimmer, but perhaps a bit too chubby bulky to be one of the fastest kids in the pool.  And I hated wearing a speedo.  But, I do have a first place medal for the 50m backstroke.  I do not know how I ended up with this medal, since I do not remember ever winning a race.  After asking someone why I got a first place medal if I did not actually win, he told me something about “C-class” first place awards.  I still do not know what that means, but I think it means I am not really a winner in life this area of life.

Image from  tyr.comAnyways, one of our housemates swims for a living and has a lot of cool swimming stuff that companies give him.  I was preparing to swim in my cheap trusty goggles I bought at the frisbee store in college.  These goggles kind of suck, but I have never had a pair of goggles that did not suck.  They hurt my face, they fog up, they leak.  Whatever.  That’s just what goggles do, right?

It turns out that is not the case.  I have just been suffering from bad goggles my whole life.  My swimmer housemate (who holds world records in the event that I got a “pity first place” medal for) gave me a new pair of goggles he had received and I tried them out in the pool on Friday.  Get this: they did not hurt my face.  They did not fog up.  They did not leak.  In Krissy’s words, it is a “Christmas miracle!”  Thanks Peter and thanks Tyr for the highlight of my week.

The Lowlight.

I have written before about doing laundry at the laundromat.  I love it.

I was doing laundry on the rainy Saturday afternoon.  The best thing about doing laundry is using one of the big front loaders with the clear window to watch the clothes get all wet and soapy and spin dizzyingly fast.  After jamming all of our clothes in the mammoth Dexter T-600 Industrial / OPL Maxi Load Washer, I sat down to finish reading Tinsel.  15 minutes through the 21-minute cycle, I realized that I forgot to put detergent in with our laundry.  I had literally placed the detergent on top of the washer (right next to the detergent hole), loaded the machine, and then put the detergent back in our winnie wagon without ever dumping a cap-full in the wash machine.

Because I was in a time crunch, I did not have 21 minutes to spare to run another wash cycle, so I threw them in the dryer and brought them home.  Thankfully, we use Trader Joe’s eco-detergent, which means our laundry does not ever really get very clean-smelling, so I don’t think we’ll notice a difference.

There it is, highlight and lowlight.  Feel free to share your own.


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