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High School Phys Ed, Round Two (or, Why I Hate Locker Rooms)

So, yesterday, I walked into a gym with intent to join.  Or at least intent to finalize a decision to find the best deal I could online and then join.  I love deals.

The pace of life since starting my job/bivocationalism this past June has been catching up with me.  One of the many things that has fallen to the wayside is some kind of exercise/physical routine.  It was pretty easy to fit in a P90x DVD or go for a long bike ride when I was doing work at Kairos partish-time, but somehow the 45-50 hours it takes to have a regularly scheduled job makes that whole ‘physically fit’ thing a bit tougher.

So, I weighed my options, with a gym membership being at the bottom of the list.  I hate the marketing/sales pitch that gyms thrive on (and a YMCA is not close enough to be convenient).  I hate feeling awkward and intimidated by creepy macho people throwing dumbbells up and down like they are q-tips.  I hate spending money for something I could do for free (work out at home, ride my bike, etc.).

And I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate locker rooms.  What a terrible idea those were in high school and now I am going to pay money to use one again?

And the gym I am considering joining is by my office, not by my house, so it is not as if I can walk down there in my workout clothes.  And because my primary exercise environment will hopefully be aquatic, I cannot just pump some iron (yes, that is one of the stupid macho phrases I hate about the gym, but I am trying to be incarnational) in my khakis and button-down shirt and return to work a bit awkwardly sweaty.  I actually have to use the locker rooms, unless I wear my swimming trunks under my jeans every day.  Maybe that will work.

So, despite my dislike of locker rooms, spending money, and sales pitches, I think I am going to join a gym.  I have weighed the other options and found them lacking.  And I have weighed myself and found me…not lacking.

My free 7-day pass starts today and I am going to give it a go.  If all goes well the next few days, I will return home from blustery Wisconsin with a cheap gym membership ready to start 2011 out right.

And hopefully I will have a lot of hilarious stories to share about all those turkeys who work out at the gym.


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