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On teaching to equip (part two)

For context see yesterday’s post.  I am still reading and processing through some of Neil Cole’s thoughts on teaching, particularly on Cole’s four pieces of teaching: message, communication, application, and re-communication.

The last “25%” of teaching – seeing the original listener/student not only apply the message but also teach it to others – is challenging.  Despite not always knowing how to make this happen, I buy in to Cole’s thesis, particularly after reading his rationale for this approach.  In his second post on the topic (linked above), he says that in this method:

  1. The people learn the truth on a far deeper level.
  2. The people understand the truth, not just remember it.
  3. The people are held to greater accountability to practice the truth they learned.
  4. The people own the message, not just know it.
  5. The people spread the core message to others, who in turn learn to own it and spread it themselves and the kingdom multiplies into a movement.

If you find your content important, you should invest the time, creativity, and energy needed to ensure that your listeners/students become teachers.

I am open to ideas that can actually make this happen.  What do you think?


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