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On teaching to equip (or equipping to teach)

The church I am a part of, Kairos Hollywood, structures leadership in a way that sees equipping others as the primary function of a leader.  This is why we call our pastors and leaders “equippers” – a constant reminder that we are to give ourselves – our time, our energy, and our gifts – for the sake of equipping, training, mentoring, building up, encouraging, lifting up, and even taking a second seat to others.

Honestly, most days, this is a bear to figure out.  Much in our culture trains people to (a) see the church as a tertiary sphere in their lives (after family and work) which causes many to (b) see the church as a place to receive and consume but not contribute, give, and sacrifice.  Leading in a way that intentionally attempts to subvert the passive consumerism running deep in our cultural veins does not feel like an easy task.

Anyway, because I serve in the role as “teaching” equipper at Kairos, I have been trying to think through different elements of teaching/learning theory/pedagogy that will push into the equipping areas of teaching (rather than the communication of content area).   I am in the beginning stages of this endeavor, but hope to find some helpful and challenging resources that push me in this area.

I recently stumbled across some thoughts Neil Cole posted on teaching (here and here).  I loved Neil’s breakdown of teaching into four areas:

  • 25% of teaching is getting the message right.
  • 25% of teaching is communicating the message so others understand.
  • 25% of teaching is seeing the message applied in a listener’s life.
  • 25% of teaching is seeing listeners/students become teachers of the lessons you taught.

My thoughts?  Ouch!

What are your thoughts?


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