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25 is (not) the new 24

I am looking into the feasibility of adding an hour to each day.  I believe that, with enough support, this would be an easy sell in many ways.  Economically, it is a no brainer.  There would be added jobs in both the designing and manufacturing of new clocks as well as added recreation time for people to go to movies, shop, etc.  The health care industry would certainly get behind it as well, since an added hour would be used, by many, to pursue activities promoting health and wellness (although 24 Hour Fitness would have some rebranding to do, but hopefully their increased business would offset those costs).  I will keep you updated on how you, too, can join in this push for a 25 hour day.

Over the last few weeks, I have been realizing that I want to be investing time in a number of things I currently ignore or neglect in my life.  Exercise, socializing, a healthier rhythm and practice of spirituality, more time spent on my non-compensated job and personal downtime all top the list.

That list kind of overwhelms me.  And it makes me wonder what I am currently doing in my life that keeps me so busy occupied (I am trying to drop busy from my vocabulary as the word has lost all meaning in our culture).

What are the things that currently take up so much of my time?  How can I decide which things to say “no” to?  How do I work toward a long-term rhythm that is sustainable, healthy, and balanced – not just something that I will commit to doing and then abandon in a few months when life gets crazy?

In the midst of it, I am remembering that our world was created with a 24-hour cycle of day and night.  As much as I sometimes wish, 25 will never by the new 24.


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