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Almost Advent: time to start conspiring

Advent is nearly here…which means that Christmas is nearly here.  Which is hard to imagine, since Thanksgiving is still a few weeks away.

The last few years, Advent has grown in meaning as I have come to recognize and reflect on the more liturgical and preparatory elemnts of the Advent season.  It is unfortunate that Advent often gets sucked up into the Christmas season which is too often overshadowed by consumerism and shopping malls.

Over the last few years, I have grown to appreciate more and more the Advent Conspiracy movement, focused on transforming consumer Christmas into something deeply meaningful (again).  They have put out a number of resources available online, and I may or may not offer some further reflections on Advent/Christmas as those seasons draw near.

For now, if you have not seen it (or if you have), you should watch this two-minute video they put together in 2008.  It is outstanding.


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