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Layering and Stewing Ideas (Preaching and Culture #5)

Ben Arment posts about the layering of ideas:

I’m not a fan of last minute creativity.

I’d rather have a mediocre idea 6 months in advance than a great idea last minute for one reason, and one reason alone…


I love this idea and have been thinking about it for some time.  Last minute great ideas are usually communicated/conveyed far less effectively and creatively than ideas that have made their way through a series of filters (both individual and communal).

The biggest obstacle, I have found, is making time to think about the future.  When my schedule already feels full based on the demands of the coming week, it can feel impossible to think for the coming week as well as something six months down the road.

So, how do you get over this hurdle?  How do you stop giving your time only to immediate, pressing needs and carve time into your week to think about the future?

A few ideas:

(1) Realize a long-term perspective is necessary for health. Our HMO loves us because we primarily use them for preventative care.  We realize that if we want to be healthy in the later stages of life, we need to be proactive NOW to make this happen.  The same is true in every other area of life too.  If I want to see an area flourish, I need to move from a triage model to a preventative care model.

(2) Realize that there will never be a “good time” to start thinking about the future.  I have given up on life ever slowing down.  I have given up on having a time when I am not busy.  I will always think feel I am busy and so will you.

(3) Start with an hour.  Start by spending an hour each week thinking about something that is completely off the radar of your pressing needs.  Do that for a month or two and see what happens.

So, I’m going to give it a whirl.  You should too, and then we can talk about it.


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