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New Posts Coming Soon

New posts are in the pipeline.  A number of things have come to mind lately that I hope to formulate in some kind of written form, including (but not limited to):

(1) Consumerism – a number of good conversations lately about the relationship between the church and the political realm, consumerism and western culture, and the relationship between consumerism, injustice, and poverty (and how the church should prioritize that list).

(2) Preaching/Communicating/etc. – After some good conversations and experiences, I picked up about 10 books from the library dealing with preaching, postmodernity, contemporary culture, etc. to read a range of thoughts on what homiletics/preaching looks like (or should look like or could look like) in the current culture.  I’m through about half of them, and finding a lot of divergent opinions (though perhaps not as much conversation as might be warranted) which could make for an interesting few posts.

We’ll see if either set of posts happens, but regardless, there is an insight into two of my current trains of thought.


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