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Two Amazing Music Videos (APAC)

Krissy and I have recently fell in love with these music videos.  It was less the “love at first sight” and more the “if I can never get away from you, I suppose I should try to like you” kind of falling in love.

Everywhere we went in Cambodia, we heard these songs and saw these music videos.  All the buses play music videos/karaoke videos (the words pan across the bottom of the screen, as you’ll see in the following clips), so we spent about 30-40 hours watching music videos, with these two coming up several times each bus ride.  Everyone’s cell phone ringtone seemed to be one of these two songs.  Bars and restaurants had these videos playing (except when the World Cup matches were on).  We couldn’t get the songs out of our heads!

So, for your listening pleasure, here is Monor Sonjetna Kbot and Bongkhom Chet Bek:


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