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The First Test of Doing (Two) Many Things

Well, one of the first tests, anyways.

Been employed for about a month and a half now, though I’ve really only been working for two weeks as of tomorrow (it’s great to take a two-week vacation after two weeks of training).  The next couple of Sundays, I have a couple of sermon-type things to offer to our community.  Saying I “have” them might actually be a bit of a wishful thing; let’s instead say that I “hope” to have one this Sunday and another next Sunday.

It’s been an odd task, to have a couple of projects I’m excited to work on and finding myself with little time to work on them.  While I’ve really enjoyed having a scheduled regiment each day after four years of a less than normal schedule, it has been difficult to adjust to using the evenings as “work time” after spending the day working.  Usually, when the wife was working her 7-3:30 job and I was unstructured, the afternoon and evening was generally spent playing and goofing off.

Welcome to the world of adulthood, I suppose.

So, it’s been good…but it’s also tough.  I’m excited to continue working out my schedule to best fit the different things I want to do with my time, but it’s not an easy process.

That is all.


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