On Wrapping Up Travel

Today is our last full day in Cambodia.  We’ve spent the last three days exploring the southern coast region of Cambodia (Kep) and have loved it.  Beautiful weather, valleys, hills, ocean, thunderstorms, etc.  It’s been a great and relaxing way to end the trip.
Tomorrow we catch a morning bus back to Phnom Penh and start our crazy trip back – 5 flights, 5 countries, and many, many time zones to get us back home on Tuesday afternoon.
We’ll come back with a lot of pictures, for sure.  A lot of funny stories, definitely.  Great memories, believe it.  And also some heartache and heaviness.
Cambodia is a country that can be characterized as “tragically beautiful.”  There is much here to celebrate and enjoy, and much that requires a great deal of thought, discussion, and prayer.  We’ve learned a lot – from reading before and during the trip, from experiencing life here, from talking with the Khmer people, and from talking with new and old friends from the states working in various capacities throughout the country.
I will miss Cambodia, but at the same time am excited to return home and see what life looks like on the other side of a crazy trip like this.



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