On Traveling and Injury

As I mentioned in the last update, I hurt my knee early on in our trip.  It was a pretty marvelous and adventurous event – I was walking down the last step in a short flight of stairs in a school in Seoul and twisted my knee.  It would have been kind of nice if I had been running from a rabid gibbon or running to catch the last bus of the night or jumping with the crowd of Koreans watching the World Cup match.  But, instead, I hurt it on the last step of a normal, wide, well-lit flight of stairs.
But that’s okay.  A bit frustrating, though.  I’ve been limping a bit – some days better than others.  Trying to keep my leg up when not moving around and trying to ice it when possible.  Nine days later, though, and it’s still causing a bit of pain (emphasis on “a bit”) and is still a bit swollen.  I had to forgo hiking in the mountainous national park north of Seoul, although instead I got to hang out at an awesome coffee shop and play Settlers with good friends.  I chose not to explore the top levels of a few temples, but it couldn’t stop me from biking through the short temple circuit and climbing the iconic bakans of Angkor Wat.
We’re taking it easy today – biking a bit around the city of Siem Reap and maybe reading in the lawn of Angkor Wat.  All that to say, it’s bad but certainly could be worse.  It is frustrating to feel at all limited when exploring a place I may or may not ever return to, but am thankful that we have hardly had to change our schedule at all.
That’s it for now.  The next post may or may not be called “On Visiting One of the Wonders of the Ancient World and Finding It Under Construction.”



One thought on “On Traveling and Injury

  1. Nancy says:

    Enjoy the rest of your trip, especially that tree house! Sorry about your knee, hope it continues to improve. Can’t wait to read the next post! Love you guys!


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