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On Doing Two (Many?) Things. Part One: Questions Arise

For the past eight days, I have begun exploring what it means to have a full-time “career” (i.e. paid) job while also separately maintaining a “vocational” (i.e. what I love doing but do not currently earn money for) job.

It has raised a number of questions, many of which I hope I have the chance to write about and reflect upon.  Some I know the answers to, others I don’t.  Here’s a few that I’ve been thinking a lot about:

  • How do you unwind when there’s always something more to be done?
  • How do you find time for people?  (Let’s be honest, they are a lot messier and take a lot more time than reading a book and writing a blog post)
  • Do you ever get over having to say “no” to things you wish you had time to do?
  • What do you do with the tinges of jealousy when you see others being able to full pour themselves into one thing?
  • How do you create a balanced lifestyle when you have entered a season bound for busyness?
  • Is Sabbath possible with a bivocational rhythm?
  • In what order do you respond when people ask “what you do?”

Those are some of my questions.  Some may develop into longer reflections some point soon.


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