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Dave Ferguson on Coaching

Pouring into leaders – coaching them, encouraging them, empowering them, etc. is not easy, but it’s something I want to keep getting better at.  Dave Ferguson recently posted an article at Christianity Today suggesting his six best questions for coaching others.  I recently read a book Dave and Jon Ferguson co-wrote (Exponential) in which there was more in-depth discussion of coaching leaders.  Here are the six questions from the article (not too long, worth the read):

1) How are you doing?

2) Where are you winning?

3) What are your challenges?

4) What are you doing about it?

5) How can I help you?

6) How can I pray for you?

What do you think?  Questions that would be helpful to add in?  Any questions above you think miss the point?


One thought on “Dave Ferguson on Coaching

  1. Maria says:

    Notice how all six of these questions include “you” or “your”.

    These questions seem to counteract the form of leadership development I’ve most often experienced in churches- “the ask”. Somehow developing leaders has turned in to asking them to do more things, slowly hoping they are ready to take on more responsibility or skilled tasks. Rarely does anyone sit down and ask the “you” questions. Even the “How are you doing?” question is normally a test to see if the person is ready for another “ask”. These questions point towards action and activity but seem to center on “how can I equip this person to lead in the ways God may be calling them?” instead of “how can I get this leader to do what I want them to do?”

    These questions may be a little too “you” centered, and leaders do need to be called into faithfully serving the church community they are a part of, but perhaps they can help correct our over-emphasis on “ask”-centered leadership development.

    In the end, I would use the questions, but add within the church context add: “What do you feel God is calling you to do right now?”, “How are you doing in serving our church community?”, “Do you feel you are being faithful with the gifts God has given you?”


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