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John Armstrong on Infant Baptism

John Armstrong wrote the recently published and excellent book Your Church is Too Small, a passionate and scriptural plea for unity in the church.  Today on his blog John wrote a post about how he changed his view on infant baptism.  I appreciated his post for the same reason I appreciated his book – he models humility, charity, and an earnestness to participate with others from the many tribes, tongues, and nations in God’s mission.

Here’s a snippet from his post, though it’s worth it to read the whole thing:

The fact is that so long as I was a Baptist minister I had no “real” theology of children except to say that they were lost souls until some point when they came to confess faith in Christ. I now believe regeneration is not so obvious in real life experience and that faith can grow from a seed that the Spirit grants and then brings to life. This spiritual operation is a sovereign work of God and thus a work of true grace, not of free will or human effort. Luther, for example, argued that this in itself was a strong argument for infant baptism, namely that the child could do nothing but receive what was given to them by their parents and the church.


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