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Evangelicalism, Critiques, and Alternatives

David Fitch has a great post today throwing out some ideas that he is working on for an upcoming book, using ideas from philosopher Slovoj Zizek to critically think and reflect on evangelicalism.  This paragraph gives a good indication of the direction Fitch is headed:

In the forthcoming book, I wish to explore, with Zizek’s help, how evangelicalism in particular has become this kind of “empty politic” driven by other things than our life together in Christ for the world? In the face of its failings, ( and in response to Zizek) I offer an alternative politic for evangelicalism where our everyday way of life is once again centered (by these beliefs) into a participation in the Incarnate Christ and the life we have with God in and through the “Sent One.” If “the inerrant Bible,” “the decision for Christ” and “the Christian Nation” were formulations that meant well, years later they have malformed us for Mission. I offer an alternative which preserves the core. I show how each of three emphasies of evangelicalism – a high view of the authority of Scripture, a conversionist salvation and an activist church in the world – can be rearticulated and reoriented in practice so as to shape a people for hospitality, inclusion, authenticity, faithfulness and compassion among the lost and hurting. Although challenging, I contend Zizek provides the basis for a fresh look at evangelicalism along these lines in the midst of our political malaise.

I’m looking forward to hearing more along this line of thinking and hoping that it’s a fruitful conversation for the Christian community.


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