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Searching for God Knows What (book review)

Searching for God Knows What is Donald Miller’s third book, originally published in 2004, and has recently been republished in a new expanded edition. Throughout the book, Miller invites the reader to question whether faith is about a system of beliefs or if it is about a relationship with God.  He uses stories from all different sources – history, the Christian Scriptures, personal narratives, movies, etc. – to demonstrate the power of narrative and the relational basis of the Christian faith in his characteristic conversational and humorous style.

As with any book (particularly Christian books), there are a number of things (theological, social, philosophical, etc.) that I might disagree with or cringe at, but in this book they tend to be minor.  Having read the first edition, I did not pick up on many revisions or updates (although I have not compared the two editions side by side) other than new introduction, short snippet on personality theory, and a (slightly distracting) “game” that involves the placement of random characters and bold letters throughout the book that can be “decoded” to win prizes.  Overall, I’m not sure if the book needed to be expanded or updated (at least in these ways).  Still, the book reads a bit like driving on a mountain road – even if the road might be windier than necessary and there may be a few wrong turns involved, the scenery is enjoyable and the drive worth it.

I received a complimentary copy of this book through Thomas Nelson’s BookSneeze program.


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