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How Lost Lost Its Way

(If you are not caught up on Lost, there is nothing in this post that will spoil any surprises.)

I am glad Lost only has a few more episodes left because it is getting ridiculous.  Or, maybe I should say that it has been ridiculous for a while and now it is getting old.  We don’t watch much TV, but Lost is one show we have kept up with.  For the last 3 or 4 years, we have watched it a few episodes at a time with friends and for the most part enjoyed it.  Like any show, there have been highlights (the first season, mostly) and lowlights (definitely the third season…and maybe everything since then), but for the most part I continued to stay interested because the questions that the show raised were fascinating.

Not so much questions about why polar bears are living on tropical islands or why dead people are walking around.  Not so much about why there was a pillar of smoke that could kill people.  Those were really minor questions for the first few seasons of the show.

The major questions that captivated viewers were questions about humanity, spirituality, and psychology.  The show explored the themes of faith, doubt, isolation, community, destiny, and fate.

But, for the most part, the last two seasons have devoted themselves to answering questions no one really cares about – at least not in the big scheme of things.  The minor questions that drove the sci-fi/fantasy portions of the storyline have, over the last few seasons, become the major questions driving the entire plot, unfortunately at the expense of more meaning-laden questions that actually relate to the human experience on a much grander scale than the time-traveling/pop-spiritual nonsense that the show has become.

But that’s just my opinion.


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