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A Response from MMT to Brian McLaren’s New Book

Brian McLaren is a speaker, writer, pastor, etc.  I have read many of his books (thought not his most recent book).  Some of them I liked.

Marianne Meye Thompson (MMT) is the George Eldon Ladd Professor of New Testament at Fuller Seminary.  I took several classes from her while at Fuller and really appreciated her as a scholar and a teacher.

My friend David, who went to Fuller with me, and now continues to work for Fuller’s Lowell W. Berry Center for Lifelong Learning.  One thing he does is edit a blog called The Burner providing Fuller’s resources to the local church.

On The Burner, Dr. Thompson wrote a response to aspects of Brian’s latest book, specifically the “Greco-Roman Narrative” Brian speaks of in A New Kind of Christianity.

I thought it was worth linking to.  So here it is.


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