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Two years ago on Earth Day (random chance that it was around Earth Day, we do not have Earth Day on our calendar) Krissy and I switched to a mostly Vegetarian diet.  Since then I’ve eaten a piece of salami on accident, some turkey stuffing that was going to be thrown out (or, more correctly, was thrown out, ha!), and a piece of Grandma’s pork prepared for Easter.

I’m sure I’ve eaten other meat (and definitely other meat products like broth, etc.), but it’s been two years of choosing to eat a non-meat diet.  This hasn’t been hard living in Los Angeles, but I also think I’ve realized it’s not easy because we live in a diverse, multi-ethnic city.  It’s easy because we think it’s an important thing for us to do.

We’re still not the kind of vegetarians you’ll see protest outside meat factories or snub our noses at others who eat meat (even if it smells really good and it’s cooking in our kitchen).  But, I’ve seen little evidence that the world food crisis (which precipitated this decision) has really been solved.  There are still far too many infants, children, and adults who struggle to survive due to lack of basic nutrition.  There is still far too much grain used to feed gourge already fattened animals that could otherwise serve 20-25 meals of non-meat based food.

So, to pass along some food for thought (ha! a pun!), here are a few links – some recent, some dated that talk a bit about the world food situation:,8599,1717572,00.html (Time article from 2008, good photos) (current World Bank information about food crisis) (Wiki labels the crisis as an 07-08 crisis.  You can read the final section of the entry and decide for yourself whether the crisis has actually resolved.) (NY Times article from 2008)


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